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Who We Are

Founded January 2021, Pembe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of law students and legal professionals who share African ancestry and a passion for serving their communities.


Due to the unique legal needs of the African diaspora in the U.S., the underrepresentation of Black lawyers poses a barrier to the equal participation of African immigrants in the American legal system. This underrepresentation also deprives the African diaspora of its proportionate voice in corporate boardrooms and at various echelons of American government, and stems from the 'ivory ceiling' which stands in the way of so many prospective law students of African descent. The 'ivory ceiling' takes the form of knowledge gaps, inadequate access to financial resources, and a dearth of personal connections to lawyers or other individuals familiar with the law school application process. 


Our mission at Pembe is to break the 'ivory ceiling' in the American legal system, through a law school pipeline program that will pair law school prospects of African descent with outstanding law students and attorneys with similar backgrounds, and offer assistance with personal statement review, resume editing, and LSAT preparation.

Our mission is to nurture and raise a generation of legal scholars and leaders from across the African diaspora, by providing the tools necessary to excel in the law school application process and beyond.

Our Mission

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